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(Chapter 19) Social Policy and Employment

Content of the Chapter

Chapter 19 Social Policy and Employment aims at increasing employment, improving working and living conditions, establishing social protection mechanisms at appropriate level, promoting dialogue with social partners, developing human resources in order to ensure sustainable employment, combating  poverty and social exclusion and providing equal opportunity for men and women.

In this context, the chapter includes policy areas such as labour law, occupational health and safety, equality between women and men, anti-discrimination, social dialogue, employment, social inclusion and protection.

Information on Chapter Negotiations

In the period of German Presidency of the European Union Council, two opening benchmarks were determined to be fulfilled in order to be able to open negotiations for this chapter.

The first benchmark is about ensuring full trade union rights in line with EU standards and relevant ILO conventions (87 Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize and 98 Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining), in particular as regards the right to organize, the right to strike and the right to bargain collectively both in public and private sectors.

Second benchmark is the submission of an action plan for the transition, implementation and enforcement of the relevant acquis communautaire with a view to include the whole labour force.

Regarding the first benchmark, two new laws were enacted to ensure full trade union rights in line with EU standards. The Law on Trade Unions and Collective Labour Agreements numbered 6356 entered into force upon its publication in the Official Gazette No. 28460 of 07 November 2012 and substitutes the Trade Unions Act numbered 2821 and the Collective Labour Agreement, Strike and Lock-Out Act numbered 2822. The Law amending the Public Servants’ Trade Unions Act entered into force upon its publication in the Official Gazette No.28261 of 11 April 2012 and amends the Law on Law on Public Servants’ Trade Unions and Collective Agreement numbered 4688.

Concerning the second opening benchmark, the action plan was drafted and sent to the Commission on 30 April 2010.

Related Directorate of Ministry for EU Affairs

Directorate of Social, Regional and Innovative Policies

Director: Sinan AYHAN

Telephone: +90 312 218 14 20

Fax: +90 312 218 15 81

E-mail: sayhan@ab.gov.tr

Institutional Information of Chapter Coordinators

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services (Directorate of EU and Foreign Relations)

Deputy Minister: Ayşe KARDAŞ ERGEZEN

Head of Directorate: Nuray HATIRNAZ

Head of Unit: Uğur GÜNEŞ

Sub Comittee Meetings

Meeting Dates of EU-Turkey Sub-Committee No 7 Regional Development, Employment and Social Policy:
28 November 2000 - Brussels        3 March 2011- Ankara
7-8 June 2001 - Ankara                  6 March 2012- Brussels
27-28 June 2002- Brussels            18 March 2015- Ankara
6 July 2004 - Ankara                      20 January 2016- Brussels
5 July 2005- Brussels                     16 May 2017- Ankara
15 February 2007- Ankara 
28 February 2008- Brussels
3 March 2009- Ankara 
10 March 2010- Brussels

Related Working Group Meetings

Employment and Social Policy Sub Committee Preliminary Meeting-12 December 2003

Occupational Health and Safety Working Group Meeting-5 July 2004

Gender Equality Working Group Meeting-7 July 2004

Screening Meetings
Introductory Screening Meeting Presentations (8-10 February 2006) 
Detailed Screening Meeting Presentations ( 20-22 March 2006)The Answers Given to European Commission at Screening Meetings (PDF Format – 731 KB)Screening Report (PDF Format-117 KB)

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