Updated: 28/06/2019

Directorate for EU Affairs Terminology Database (termAB)

EU terminology database (termAB) was created in 2018. The database has been further developed in compliance with the ISO standards on terminology management. All entries in termAB are classified under specific subject fields (domains) which are parallel to those in the EU’s multilingual thesaurus Eurovoc. The database is not only comprised of EU terminology but also includes standard texts and phrases found in the EU acquis. The terms to be extracted from the EU acquis and added to the database are determined in consultation with the relevant Departments of the Directorate for EU Affairs. Then, the Turkish equivalents of these terms are added to the database when approved by the relevant line Ministries. Since termAB is a translation-oriented terminology database, it includes phrases and standard texts in addition to the translations of terms in the target language. The database also has additional data categories for each term, such as its definition, context, reference and notes, regarding its use and provides advanced search options.

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