Updated: 09/05/2019

Inventory Table regarding Translations of the EU Legislation Available in the Directorate for EU Affairs

Within the framework of Turkey's obligation to translate the EU acquis into Turkish as a candidate country, the work is on-going with regard to the translation of the EU legislation and updating the information on the translations of the EU legislation available both in the Directorate for EU Affairs and the relevant institutions, in order to provide a basis for technical, linguistic and legal revision of the already translated legislation.

The work regarding translation of the EU acquis has been initiated by the “Translation Working Group” established within then called Secretariat General for the European Union Affairs in 2004. Within the framework of various tenders conducted between the period 2004-2016, 1014 pieces of EU legislation (20254 OJ pages) have been translated.

With a view to enhancing the quality of the translation, EU terminology work has been given a start during the period 2005-2009 and the Glossary of EU Terms consisting of 7200 terms was published in 2009. Thereafter to provide a basis for the translation work, Treaty on European Union and Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union were translated and revised comprehensively.

Following the publication of Turkey's National Action Plans for EU Accession in 2014, in order to support the harmonisation work of the legislation which was not translated, included in the said National Action Plans, 235 pieces of EU legislation (8190 OJ pages) were translated into Turkish as of the end of 2015.

Moreover, as part of the alignment work in the 23rd and the 24th chapters, 101 pieces of EU legislation (1474 OJ pages) included mostly in those two chapters were translated into Turkish as of the end of 2016.

In this scope, click here for the most recent inventory list indicating the EU legislation translations available in the Directorate for EU Affairs.

Accordingly, for the purpose of avoiding possible duplications, it would be appropriate that public institutions and organizations take into consideration the indicated list when outsourcing their translations.

The EU legislation in these tables are shown by the relevant Celex Numbers since all translation and revision work under the coordination of Department of EU Law and Translation will be carried out based on "Celex Numbers" and the work will be linked with National Database.

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