Updated: 08/06/2023

2021-2027 European Institute Of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Strategic Cooperation Event organized in Ankara

A hybrid promotional event was held in Ankara on 8 June 2023 with the participation of our relevant institutions and organizations in order to make our country more aware of EIT and the opportunities it provides and to benefit more from these opportunities.

The programme started with the opening speeches of TÜBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, Head of Innovation Ecosystem Unit for EIT Mr. Marton Herczeg, Director General of EU and Foreign Relations for Turkish Ministry of Industry Mehmet Ali Yılmaz, Director General of Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation for Directorate for EU Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bülent Özcan, by expressing the opportunities and potential cooperation areas open to our country under the EIT.

EIT is an organization established in 2008 to improve Europe's innovation capability by integrating research and innovation into education and entrepreneurship at EU level. EIT plays a vital role in supporting the EU's goals of sustainable economic growth and job creation by enabling entrepreneurs and innovators to turn their best ideas into products and services. At the same time, it aims to stimulate and accelerate the innovation process from idea to product and service, from student and researcher to entrepreneur, from laboratory to market for supporting entrepreneurship.

EIT is part of the "Innovative Europe Component" of the EU's Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon Europe. By addressing social challenges, EIT works to contribute strongly to the goals of Horizon Europe and to increase Europe's global competitiveness.

For 2021-2027, it is foreseen that a budget of approximately 3 billion Euros will be allocated and spent within the scope of the 3 priority areas specified below, in order to achieve the targets set by the EIT under the Strategic Innovation Agenda and Horizon Europe Programme.


• Increasing the research and invention capacity of higher education in Europe,

• Improving the EIT's regional reach to close innovation gaps,

• Increasing the impact of EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities


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