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Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme

During Türkiye’s negotiation process for the full membership to the European Union (EU), important responsibilities fall upon every segment of the society from public institutions to the private sector and from non-governmental organizations to the universities. For this reason, there is a need for individuals in every segment of the society who can closely follow the EU-related disciplines and who are specialized on these subjects. In accordance with this need, the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme has been established in 1989 with an agreement in between the Republic of Türkiye and European Commission.

The Jean Monnet Scholarship Program commenced in the 1990-1991 academic year by providing educational opportunities to its first scholars in the EU member countries. It is one of the longest running projects in Türkiye. Over the course of past years, more than 2500 scholarship holders had the opportunity to enrol at a postgraduate programme related to the EU and EU acquis in various EU member countries.

Objective of the Scholarship: Within the context of Türkiye’s accession process to the EU, the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme aims at increasing the number of people knowledgeable on the EU acquis and enhancing Türkiye's administrative capacity.

Scope of the Scholarship:  Jean Monnet Scholarship supports academic studies related to Türkiye's EU harmonisation process and the EU acquis. In this context, the scholarships will be awarded to the academic studies to be carried out on the following subjects (i.e. EU acquis chapters):

  • Free Movement of Goods
  • Freedom of Movement of Workers
  • Right of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services
  • Free Movement of Capital
  • Public Procurement
  • Company Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Competition Policy
  • Financial Services
  • Information Society and Media
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy
  • Fisheries
  • Transport Policy
  • Energy
  • Taxation
  • Economic and Monetary Policy
  • Statistics
  • Social Policy and Employment
  • Enterprise and Industrial Policy
  • Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments
  • Judiciary and Fundamental Rights
  • Justice, Freedom and Security
  • Science and Research
  • Education and Culture 
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Consumer and Health Protection
  • Customs Union
  • External Relations
  • Foreign, Security and Defence Policy
  • Financial Control

Target Group of the Scholarship: Employees from public and private sectors and non-governmental organizations, as well as senior students at undergraduate level and academic and administrative staff of universities could apply to the Scholarship Programme.

Application Criteria: An official announcement is published for each academic year. The applicants should examine the related announcement in detail for the application criteria.

Amount of Scholarship:

The scholarsip covers the following;

  • Tuition fees (up to 20.000 Euros),
  • Monthly stipend (food and drink, accommodation, communication, local transportation, cultural activities, etc.-(varying according to the host EU member country, please see the table below),
  • Fixed amount (3.000 Euros) for various expenses to be paid only once (to be used for the visa-passport, educational materials, travel, study visit, registration to local authorities, health and insurance, any tax liabilities and similar expenses).

The scholarship is not paid on a monthly basis. Instead, 90% of the scholarship is paid upon the signature of the contracts while the remaining 10% is paid upon the completion of the programme and the closure process.

The Jean Monnet Scholarship covers the expenses of the scholars only. No extra allowance will be paid to the scholars who will be travelling with their families/personal attendants.

The scholars who cannot successfully complete their academic studies or who fail to fulfill their contractual obligations will be requested to pay back the whole or a partial amount of the scholarship they have been paid.

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