Updated: 22/05/2024

Hydrogen and Decarbonized Gas Market Package

The Council of the European Union has adopted a legislative package that establishes common internal market rules for renewable and natural gases, as well as hydrogen, and reforms the existing EU natural gas legislation. The new gas package sets out rules for the organization of the natural gas market and establishes a strong framework for the future hydrogen market, including specific rules for the transport, supply, and storage of natural gas and hydrogen, including dedicated hydrogen infrastructure. Gas and hydrogen network operators will prepare a 10-year EU network development plan. Additionally, a permanent demand aggregation platform is planned.

The new rules aim to promote the integration of renewable gases and low-carbon gases, particularly hydrogen, into the market and system, especially in coal and carbon-intensive regions, by offering tariff discounts and incentives. A voluntary mechanism will also be established for the hydrogen market for a period of five years. Furthermore, the package aims to reduce energy poverty and enhance protection for vulnerable consumers.

The Directive and Regulation included in this package will come into effect upon publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Link: Fit for 55: Council signs off on gas and hydrogen market package - Consilium (europa.eu)

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