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Department of Strategic Development

The Department of Strategic Development carries out the duties given by the Law of Public Finance Management and  

Control, No: 5018 and the other legislation.


In this respect, the duties of the Department of Strategic Development are listed below:

a) To carry out the necessary work in order to determine medium and long term strategy and policies of the administration in the framework of national development strategy and policies, annual program and government programmes.


b)  To develop performance and quality indicators on the issues within the adminisration’s field of duty and carry out other duties assigned within this scope.



c) To collect, analyse and comment on information and data related to administration’s management and improvement of its services and performance.


d)  To examine the external factors that may effect the services, to make a study on the intra-institutional capacity, to analyse efectiveness of services and satisfaction level and make general research on the issues within the adminisration’s field of duty.


e) To carry out services related to management information systems.

f) To conduct secretariat service of Strategy Development Board if established within the administration.

g) Coordinating the preparation of the strategic plan and performance program of the administration and consolidating the results,


h) Preparing the administration budget, which includes budget estimates for the following two years, in accordance with the strategic plan and annual performance program and following and evaluating compliance of the activities of the administration to these,


i) Preparing a detailed expenditure program within the budget rules and principles to be determined as per legislation and to provide that the appropriation is sent to the related units by taking into account the service requirements,


j) Recording the budget, collecting and evaluating the data regarding the budget implementation results and preparing the budget final account and financial statistics,


k) Having the administration’s revenues accrued within the related legislation, carrying out follow up and collection procedures of revenues and receivables,


l) Executing the accounting services in the administrations falling outside the scope of general budget,


m) Preparing the accountability report of the administration by taking into consideration the unit accountability reports prepared by spending units,


n) Preparing summary charts regarding the movables and immovables owned or used by the administration,


o) Coordinating preparation of the investment program of the administration, following up the implementation results and preparing annual investment evaluation report,


p) Executing and finalizing financial works and transactions that need to be followed up under the supervision of the other administrations,


r) Providing the top manager and the authorizing officers with the necessary information on implementation of other legislation regarding the financial laws as well as consultancy service,


s) Executing ex ante financial control activities,


t) Working for establishment of internal control system, implementation and improvement of the standards thereof,


u) Carrying out other duties with regard to financial issues assigned by the top manager.

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