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EIT (The European Institute of Innovation and Technology) Community Master Programmes

The hallmark of EIT educational programmes is to not only to give our students the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed, but also to know what to do and how to solve real life problems, all with an entrepreneurial mindset.

EIT-labelled educational programmes at Master and PhD levels foster students to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. This is why EIT-specific quality criteria and EIT overarching learning outcomes are applied.

EIT Climate-KIC Master Programme

EIT Climate-KIC runs a climate innovation programme which adds value to existing Master programmes offered by European Climate-KIC partners institutions in The Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. Integral elements of this innovation programme are:

  • The Journey, a five-week intensive climate innovation school,
  • SPARK! a series of thought-provoking talks and seminars,
  • The development and delivery of a climate innovation project.

Students will:

  • discover how the latest climate change science is being transformed into new products and services,
  • examine market drivers of climate innovation, including policy, legal and financial incentives or constraints,
  • explore the potential for launching your start-up business venture with support from EIT Climate-KIC business coaches and our Greenhouse.

Master programmes in Italy

  • MSc Climate Change Adaptation - Civil Engineering
  • MSc Climate Change Adaptation - Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering for Energy (ICT for climate)
  • MSc Environmental Assessment and Management
  • MSc Low Carbon Technologies and Sustainable Chemistry

Master programmes in the Nordics

Danish Technical University

  • MSc Engineering, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • MSc Engineering in Biotechnology
  • MSc Engineering, Physics and Nanotechnology
  • MSc Engineering, Aquatic Science and Technology
  • MSc Engineering in Wind Energy
  • MSc Engineering in Sustainable Energy
  • MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Design and Innovation

University of Copenhagen

  • MSc Climate Change

Aalto University

  • MSc Creative Sustainability
  • MSc Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering – major in Fibre and Polymer Engineering

Master programmes in France

  • MSc Universe, Environment, Ecology (SDUEE)

Master programmes in the Netherlands

Delft Technical University

  • MSc Industrial Ecology (IE)
  • MSc Strategic Product Design (SPD)
  • MSc Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)
  • MSc Construction Management and Engineering (CME)
  • MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building sciences

Utrecht University

  • MSc Energy Science
  • MSc Science & Business Management
  • MSc Innovation Sciences
  • MSc Sustainable Development
  • MSc Sustainable Business & Innovation
  • MSc Bio Inspired Innovation 

Wageningen University

  • MSc Biotechnology (MBT)
  • MSc Climate Studies (MCL)
  • MSc Environmental Sciences (MES)
  • MSc International Land and Water Management (MIL)
  • MSc Urban Environmental Management (MUE)

Master programmes in Switzerland

ETH Zürich 

  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Micro and Nanosystems
  • MSc Process Engineering
  • MSc Robotics, Systems and Control

For more information, visit the EIT Climate-KIC education website!

EIT Digital Master School

The EIT Digital Master School is a two-year master programme with eight technical Majors and a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Added value: entrepreneurial thinking

Learning to think as an entrepreneur is a key element of the EIT Digital Master School. The programme seeks out the best technical students and equips them with cutting-edge technical knowledge and business skills so that they can go on to help assure Europe's role in the global digital economy.

By studying at the EIT Digital Master School, students are part of an extraordinary ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, students and alumni across the whole of Europe. 100% of alumni are employed (76%) or are continuing in PHD-programmes (24%). One third of those who are employed secured jobs before completing their studies. 89% of alumni work in Europe and 98% in the technology sector. 58% state that they plan to start their own company within two years of graduation.

Two Degrees

Students study at two different European universities and will receive two master school degrees and a certificate of the European Institute of Technology. Within the pan-European network of EIT Digital, 18 European top universities renowned researchers and leading businesses are providing cutting-edge ICT excellence in combination with innovation and entrepreneurship training.

Master School Programmes

The programmes of the EIT Digital Master School are selected to meet the future needs of the industry. The EIT Digital Master School offers following EIT labelled technical majors:

For more information, visit the EIT Digital Master School website!


EIT Food

EIT Food is attracting, developing and empowering talent to lead the transformation of the food system into an innovative sector that produces healthy and sustainable food, and is trusted by society. The Innovation Community is working with leading higher education institutions and food companies to develop and offer exciting programmes to help individuals with their career in the food system.

The EIT Food education portfolio currently includes one EIT labelled Master Programme, the Master in Food Systems (MFS). The programme is an integrated graduate degree programme organised by academic institutions and industrial partners from across the EIT Food pan-European partner network. Its goal is to prepare students to drive a future transformation of the food system. The MFS programme promotes a deep knowledge of the food system as an integrated value chain by providing students with the opportunity to study consecutively at three academic institutions which provide distinctly different semester blocks, each one of them focusing on specific areas of the food system. This is coupled with partner-mentored activities and thesis work jointly offered by pan-European industrial partners.

Currently, six universities are participating: University of MadridQueen's University of BelfastUniversity of WarsawUniversity of ReadingUniversity of Turin and University of Hohenheim.


EIT Health

EIT Health Education is building a brand for excellence in education, developing a virtual marketplace for learning, providing access to various modalities of educational activities combining technical know-how with best pedagogic practices.

EIT Health supports 23 partner Higher Education Institutions in the development and delivery of Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses across seven Health-focused Master and PhD programmes.

The EIT Health Programs offer the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the strategies to integrate clinical research, disciplinary knowledge, practical experience, commercialization and innovation to advance technological solutions contributing towards more efficient, safe, equitable and sustainable person-centred health care systems.
  • Design, develop, implement, evaluate, and optimize technological solutions in healthcare
  • Demonstrate effective communication and collaborative working practices


The current EIT Health landscape of degree programmes consists of the following EIT-labelled Masters:

For more information, visit the EIT Health Education website and the EIT Health Degree Programmes website!

EIT InnoEnergy Master School

The EIT InnoEnergy Master School offers programmes which are directed at a completely new type of education in the energy field, by mobilising the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the students. At the same time, the full energy knowledge students receive in 'classical' two year energy master programmes is kept. This gives the graduates a very deep understanding of the world's energy challenges paired with a significant insight into how energy businesses are created and into the industrial perspective of the energy .


For more information, visit the EIT InnoEnergy Master School website!

EIT Manufacturing

The EIT Manufacturing Master School offers a unique and excellent high education programme, with international and inclusion mindset, to graduate the next generation of Manufacturing Innovators and Entrepreneurs. The Master School programmes merge manufacturing technical and technological aspects with innovation and entrepreneurship teaching, in the context of the global societal challenges, such as circular economy, industrial innovation, sustainability, and so on. The EIT Manufacturing Master School adopts a practical learning by doing approach, through activities at Teaching and Learning Factories, through internships, projects and thesis at industrial premises, and through Innovation and entrepreneurship focused Summer Schools, in order the students to put immediately in practice the new knowledge, gathered in the class, in a real work and research context. The international studies at two different universities and the interaction with the EIT Manufacturing community complement and complete the educational offer.

All EIT Manufacturing Master School programmes allow the students to develop:

  • Capability to implement engineering expertise and advanced technologies to create new or improved methods, techniques, products and services in the manufacturing field, in line with the customer target sector and the global societal challenges.
  • Transversal skills and capabilities, such as constructive communication, leadership, complex problem setting, problem solving and decision making, to collaborate in international and diverse contexts, to manage projects and teams, to find new solutions and innovate the manufacturing offer.
  • Business understanding and entrepreneurship to boost their future careers and to create innovative start-ups.

The EIT Manufacturing Master School Programmes are:

At the end of their studies the students receive two degrees directly by the universities and the EIT label certificate from EIT Manufacturing, as an international recognition of their high-quality education curriculum.


EIT RawMaterials

Within the RawMaterials Master School students are offered industry-focused programmes which enable collaboration with top specialists in the field from academia, research and industry. The unique and innovative entrepreneurship components will equip students with a problem-solving mind-set to tackle future challenges across the entire raw materials value chain. Master Education at EIT RawMaterals promotes interdisciplinary, international collaboration and within a programme, students have the opportunity to study at several centres of excellence throughout Europe.

The EIT RawMaterials Master School portfolio currently includes the following EIT labelled Master Programmes:

For more information about the EIT-Labelled Master programmes within EIT RawMaterials Academy, please visit the EIT RawMaterials Master School website.


EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility offers a unique Master School in cooperation with leading European universities, industry, and cities. The programmes will not only give students the education urgently needed by industry and cities, but also a valuable network and a truly international experience.

In 2022, the EIT Urban Mobility is offering two programmes emphasising two key areas of urban mobility challenges:

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions – recognised with the EIT Label, this programme prepares graduates to work with cities, industry, and other stakeholders to facilitate a transition to innovative mobility solutions that help meet local and global sustainability goals.
  • Smart Mobility, Data Science and Analytics – this programme emphasizes new and emerging transportation technologies and services for citizens, goods, and logistics, to forge a new generation of data scientists that are capable of exploring our ever-increasing urban data and extracting meaningful insights

All programmes are designed with the following characteristics:

  • Integration of technical knowledge with training and practice in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Lead to a double-degree at two leading technical universities in Europe, plus the EIT Label Certificate (Subject to approval of each programme for the EIT Label).
  • A two-week summer school addressing critical real-life challenges while visiting two European cities.
  • Internships and master thesis placements at companies and cities across Europe.
  • Generous scholarship programme for both EU and non-EU applicants.

Participating host universities include: Aalto University (Espoo, Finland); Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands); KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden); Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy); UPC Barcelona Tech (Spain); University of Tartu (Estonia).

EIT Community Doctoral programmes

As with EIT-labelled educational programmes at Master level, our PhD programmes foster students to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. PhD programmes are offered by research universities. EIT-specific quality criteria and EIT overarching learning outcomes are applied.


EIT Climate-KIC PhD Education


When academia and business come together, you can truly make a difference and initiate concrete action. This is why all EIT Climate-KIC's PhD candidates work on solutions that either have a clear path to climate innovation or directly support one or more of EIT Climate-KIC's main climate change challenges.

Students will participate in the Journey, an intensive climate innovation summer school and will:

  • Discover how the latest climate change science is being transformed into new products and service,
  • Explore the potential for commercialising their research or launching a start-up business venture with support from EIT Climate-KIC business coaches and our Greenhouse,
  • Access mobility to enhance their research through collaboration with EIT Climate-KIC partners and the wider world,
  • Be an integral part of the EIT Climate-KIC community.


IT Digital Doctoral School

The EIT Digital Doctoral School educates the technical leaders and entrepreneurs needed in Europe.

The EIT Digital Doctoral School provides, as one of the few European academic institutions, industry embedded, market focused industrial doctorates. The Industrial Doctorates bridge the present to the future to lead the digital transformation.

Within an Industrial Doctorate, PhD students work under academic and industry supervision on research assignments from industry and benefit from continuous interaction with industry. The research programme students will be working on, will provide concrete results that can be tested by industry itself, and in turn provides feedback to the continuation of the research programme.

In addition to the direct involvement of one industrial partner, the students are immersed in the broader EIT Digital ecosystem of industries.

All theses fit in one of the EIT Digital Action lines and have an integrated Business Development Experience (BDE) to assure that PhD candidates attain alongside scientific excellence as well as innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

Added Value

  • Creating awareness of the role of business in technology realisation;
  • Offering students practical training and experience in a business context;
  • Providing students with the experience of starting up new ventures or new business activities.
  • Working on a research assignment directly from the industry under academic and industrial supervisior.


  • Hands-on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education consisting of two phases; Business Competence phase followed by a Business Development Experience
  • Mobility; six months of geographical mobility and six months of organisational mobility
  • Thematic alignment of the I&E thesis to the Innovation Areas of EIT Digital
  • The specific implementation of the EIT Digital Doctoral School on ICT Innovation takes the form of "Doctoral Training Centres" (DTC). A DTC gathers a critical mass of PhD students around one or two thematic action lines to address scientific challenges backed by a strong participation with industrial partners.


EIT Food PhD Education

EIT Food is attracting, developing and empowering talent to lead the transformation of the food system into an innovative sector that produces healthy and sustainable food, and is trusted by society. The Innovation Community is working with leading higher education institutions and food companies to develop and offer exciting programmes to help individuals with their career in the food system.

The Global Food Venture Programme (GFV) supports highly-qualified PhD students from across Europe to transform their research into viable business in the Food & AgTech space.

The programme fosters the entrepreneurial growth of doctoral students working on challenges in the Agrifood sector. Young innovators gain essential business creation skills and knowledge through a bespoke 6-month Curriculum of Training Bootcamps, Mentoring, Corporate Site Visits, Global Networking Events and Pitch Competitions. In this period, they are supported by top coaches and technology experts from EIT Food partners and have the unique chance to explore key innovation ecosystems in Europe.

Currently, the following partners are involved in this course: Technical University of Munich (Germany), Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), IMDEA Food Institute (), Queen's University of Belfast (), University of Warsaw (Poland),  Aarhus University (), EPFL Swiss Polytechnic Federal School (), ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (),  KU Leuven (), University of Turin (), Technion Israel Institute of Technology (), and EIT Food.


EIT Health PhD Education

The EIT awarded the EIT Label to tow EIT health Doctoral programmes:

The Ageing PhD School is a pan-European doctoral programme that brings together EIT Health academic and non-academic partners to train a new generation of PhD specialists in gerontology, neuroscience and epidemiology with solid innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Students enrolled in the PhD programme also benefit from international mobility and co-supervision/mentorship of their PhD thesis between universities, hospitals and companies.

The BEHealSy (Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems) programme is designed to equip doctoral students in engineering with multidisciplinary research skills in health systems and the ability to translate research outcomes into innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives. Nine biomedical engineering universities and several industrial partners collaborated to develop a strong, unique curriculum that addresses the need for personalized health solutions on all levels – from the cellular through organismic to systemic. The BEHealSy module is based on two EIT Health funded MSc programmes in biomedical engineering: CEMACUBE and MTIH.


EIT InnoEnergy PhD School 

Join the sustainable energy revolution and boost your personal and career prospects. Combine your current PhD studies with customised training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Positions throughout Europe. Mobility support included. The EIT InnoEnergy PhD School is tailored for students who have technical excellence together with a drive for Business and Entrepreneurship (B&E). Students are taken into the PhD programme of one of the universities in the EIT InnoEnergy consortium, or into a double-degree or joint-degree arrangement with a pair of them. The EIT InnoEnergy PhD School provides "added value" education and activities within B&E and mobility support within a world class alliance of top European universities, research institutions and companies.

The PhD School is organised in several tracks, each one with a specialty in one of the Innovation Hubs of EIT InnoEnergy. Each track covers a full PhD education, complemented with industrial internships/experiences and an insight into the entrepreneurial aspects of modern and future energy technology

EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School offers mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation, entrepreneurship, and business modules to PhD students. Graduated EIT Manufacturing PhD students will be prepared to generate start-ups or to be leaders of innovation within manufacturing companies and ecosystem, contributing to European competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

Being immersed in the close-knit EIT Manufacturing community of leading researchers, industrials, and entrepreneurs, who are accustomed to producing high-impact science and practical innovations, Ph.D. students have the possibility and the appropriate conditions to build a strong CV and a work ethic, which delivers results.

The value to students includes several dimensions: exposure to academia, exposure to the industry, mobility, Innovation and Entrepreneurship education, linked with research in manufacturing and societal challenge contextualisation.

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School Programme offers a wide range of activities, such as summer and winter schools, seminars, hackathons and other innovative pedagogical approaches. Company visits and professional networking opportunities are also included into the Doctoral School portfolio. International academic and industrial exchanges and a final industrial based thesis complete the Programme.

The students can personalise the study plan choosing among the annual offering of the Doctoral School. At the end of the EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School programmes, the PhD students receive the EIT label certificate, as the international recognition of their high education quality achievement.


EIT RawMaterials PhD Education

EIT RawMaterials’ PhD Education strand provides students with an outstanding foundation for their future career. Programmes enable students to strengthen their technical expertise while fostering the entrepreneurial and innovation skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to ensure a sustainable future for the raw materials sector. Strong links to industry, international mobility and a range of summer and winter schools add further value to the innovative programmes on offer.

The EIT RawMaterials Academy PhD portfolio currently includes one EIT-labelled programmes:

  • IDS-FunMat-INNO – International Doctoral School in Functional Materials.


EIT Urban Mobility Doctoral Training Network

Why join the Doctoral Training Network?

The Doctoral Training Network offers PhD candidates the unique opportunity to connect with their international counterparts at universities throughout Europe while strengthening technical expertise and fostering entrepreneurial and innovative skills. The customisable programme complements your PhD research and makes you part of a community that creates real solutions for more sustainable urban mobility.

  • The Doctoral Training Network offers PhD candidates:
  • The opportunity to boost their personal and career prospects by joining this expanding network of academics, with strong links to industry, city governments, and international mobility providers, as well as the opportunity to attend the annual mobility forum
  • An attractive and thorough innovation and entrepreneurship training programme
  • Research guest placements throughout Europe, including relocation support
  • A broad and exciting offering of courses relating to urban mobility at partner universities
  • The possibility to add the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Label Certificate* to your doctoral degree

* Subject to EIT assessment and approval.

How to apply and eligibility requirements

  • The ideal candidate should be a driven student with an interest in studying urban mobility and innovation in an international context. Interested candidates should be fluent in English, possess excellent communication skills, as well as have the ability to address problems with an entrepreneurial mind-set.
  • Eligible candidates (more information on eligibility criteria here) need to submit an application including a curriculum vitae, a motivation letter, and a certificate of enrollment as a PhD student. Additionally, a letter of support must be submitted by the candidate’s supervisor.
  • Applications for the current call are closed. Visit the EIT Urban Mobility website regularly for updates.
  • Detailed information about eligibility requirements, required application materials, and submission timelines can be found here.


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