Updated: 14/11/2023

Technical Assistance for Strengthening Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination (FRSC) Project: The Directorate for EU Affairs visits Istanbul as the last stop for the training on Fundamental Rights for Law Enforcement!

The last round of the Trainings on Fundamental Rights for Law Enforcement which are organised within the scope of the Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Project, will commence on 13 November 2023, Monday, at 10:00 (Address: Hakimevi, Doktor Adnan Büyükdeniz Caddesi No.12 Ümraniye) in Istanbul.  The project is funded within the framework of Türkiye-EU Financial Cooperation (IPA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs is the beneficiary of the project.

The training will last for two days and it will be attended by representatives of the Turkish National Police and the Gendarmerie General Command working in the provinces of İstanbul, Van, Batman, Şırnak, Siirt and Hakkâri. The training will start with the opening remarks of Çağrı Çakır, Head of Department for Political Affairs of the Directorate for EU Affairs.

In the scope of the Project which aims to strengthen the institutional coordination and cooperation among the stakeholders and enhance their capacity in the field of Fundamental Rights, the training sessions on Fundamental Rights for Law Enforcement were carried out in Zonguldak, Ankara, Kars and İzmir since August and the last round will be held in İstanbul. Through these sessions, participants were informed on the projects implemented under Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) II with the law enforcement, and the acquis communautaire, international standards and practices related to enhancing and protecting fundamental rights in the process of EU accession. More than 200 law enforcement officers in five provinces will be informed about fundamental rights through these sessions..

About the Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Project

The objective of the Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Project supported under the IPA Fundamental Rights sub-field is to strengthen institutional coordination and cooperation of stakeholders in the field of fundamental rights.

To reach this objective, the Project has three components and is implemented with a unique operational plan in close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders in Türkiye. The project promotes and supports a common understanding of ten themes pertaining to fundamental rights and fosters coordination and cooperation under Türkiye-EU Financial Cooperation in the Fundamental Rights sub-field. In this scope, Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Platform has been established.

The project started on 18 January 2022 with an implementation period of 18 months and a budget of 1,4 million Euro. The project continues the capacity building and awareness raising activities around ten thematic areas.

  • Freedom of Expression and Information
  • Prevention of Torture and Ill-Treatment
  • Freedom of Assembly and Association
  • Women’s Rights
  • Children’s Rights
  • Rights of the Persons with Disabilities
  • Institutionalisation of Human Rights
  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Digital Rights
  • Horizontal Issues


The progress about the Project and meetings to be organised can be followed via official social media accounts @ipatemelhaklar (Twitter, Instagram, Threads, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube) and ipatemelhaklar.ab.gov.tr web-site.

Respectfully announced to the public and the members of the press.


Address: Hakimevi, Doktor Adnan Büyükdeniz Caddesi No.12 Ümraniye/İstanbul

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