Updated: 29/11/2023

Another Cooperation Project under The Bulgaria-Türkiye Cross-border Cooperation Programme… A Strategic Project’s Contract Signed Between Bulgaria and Türkiye: Cooperation for Border Management

The contract award ceremony and press conference of project  under the policy objective of "a safer cross-border cooperation area ", which will be implemented in 2021-2027 period within the scope of the Bulgaria-Türkiye Cross-border Cooperation Programme, took place in Burgas, hosted by Bulgaria, the Managing Authority of the programme.

The contract award ceremony was held after the speeches of Ivelina Dundakova Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Interior, Angelina Boneva, Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works and Tolga Orkun, Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye in the district of Burgas. After taking  the family photo, the content of the project were shared and the difficulties to be encountered during the implementation period of the project were discussed t, in the session held with the participation of Senior Commissioner Chavdar Georgiev, Director of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior Haskovo, Senior Commissioner Ivan Rusev, Director of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior Yambol and Yusuf Güler, Deputy Governor of Kırklareli. The contract award ceremony closed with answers to the questions of the press members.