Updated: 07/07/2022

Project Implementation Training for Interreg NEXT Cross-border Cooperation Programme in Black Sea Basin held in Samsun

The third project preparation training regarding the 2021-2027 period of Cross-border Cooperation Programmes, for which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs acts as the National Authority, responsible for the administration and implementation in our country, was held in Samsun on 6-7 July 2022.

The training was organized under the “Strengthening of an Integrated Strategic Approach to Increase Efficiency and Productivity of IPA Funds during the third period (2021-2027)” project, which is financed by the European Union and of which Directorate for EU Affairs is the beneficiary.

Representatives of local administrations, regional representatives of the central administrations, universities, educational institutions, business support organizations and civil society organizations participated in the two-day training, organized for potential beneficiaries which aim to submit project proposals for the 2021-2027 period of the Interreg NEXT Cross-border Cooperation Programmes in Black Sea Basin, covering 25 provinces in the Black Sea region.

Attendants have been informed on the details regarding generating project ideas, elaborating project activities and budget, and drafting project form specific to the Cross-border Cooperation Programmes. Institutional capacity at local level to submit project applications has been enhanced for the calls of proposals to be announced in late 2022 and early 2023. 

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