Updated: 13/11/2015

Directorate of Single Market and Competition

Directorate of Single Market and Competition

Directorate of Single Market and Competition is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of Turkish public institutions' harmonization works with the EU legislation in the field of internal market and competition. The Directorate investigates the compatibility of draft legislation with the EU Acquis and terminology.

In addition, preparation and monitoring of the National Programme (National Programme for the adoption of the Acquis) and the contributions to the regular reports for the related chapters fall within the scope of the duties of the Directorate. Besides, the Directorate coordinates the activities concerning EC-Turkey Subcommittee No. 2. (EC-Turkey Subcommittee No. 2 Internal Market and Competition)

Furthermore, carrying out the necessary studies in order to meet the financial requirements of the public institutions to enhance their technical and administrative capacity and monitoring of the projects are also significant duties of the Directorate.

Single Market and Competition Directorate is responsible for the chapters stated below;

1- Free Movement of Goods
2- Free Movement of Workers
5- Public Procurement
6- Company Law
7- Intellectual Property Law
8- Competition Policy
28- Consumer and Health Protection

29- Customs Union
30- External Relations

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