Updated: 02/03/2023

Meeting on IPA 2023 Programming and EU Earthquake Assistance

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Director-General of Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation Bülent ÖZCAN on 1 March 2023 for the second time with the participation of the IPA Units of the relevant Ministries, Kızılay, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency and Presidency of Migration Management.

At the meeting, views were exchanged on supporting the needs caused by the earthquake disaster on 6 February 2023 through funds that cannot be used from IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) , and the coordination between IPA and FRIT (EU Facility for Refugees in Türkiye) funds was discussed for this purpose.

In addition, a roadmap was drawn up for the programming of 2023, in which we continue to work in cooperation with our institutions, within the scope of the IPA III. Period.

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