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Director of Agriculture and Fisheries

Gökhan ARALAN, Director

He was born in Samsun, 1971. Finalizing his secondary education at Samsun Anatolian High School, Gökhan ARALAN was graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Political Science Deparment of Public Administration in 1993. Finishing “Post Graduate Diploma” programme in 1997 at Netherlands/ Maastricht School of Management, he had completed the master’s degree programme as a Jean Monnet Scholar in the European Union Integration area at the University of Essex, Department of Government, Pan European Institute established in England by the thesis named “Article 86: A Delicate Balance between Obligation and Derogation”. He had started his civil service at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Directorate of   European Community Coordination as a European Community Asisstant Expert and worked until 2001 at the same General Directorate as a European Community Expert after getting his expert title by the thesis named ” Within the Framework of EC Competition Law, Abuse of Dominant Position and Turkey”. He came into office as a EU Expert in  2001 at Secreteriat General for EU Affairs, Directorate of Single Market and Competition. Working as the director of Directorate of Single Market and Competition between the years 2005-2009, Mr. ARALAN was appointed as the director of the Ministry of European Union Affairs, Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries at July,  2012.

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