Updated: 12/04/2010

Financial Cooperation Directorate


Financial Cooperation Directorate;

1)       Contributes to the preparation of financing agreements with European Union and conducts negotiations,

2)      Ensures general coordination of EU pre-accession financial assistance and decentralised implementation system for use of funds,

3)      Carries out secretariat services of National IPA Coordinator in the framework of decentralised implementation system,

4)      Monitors, programmes, evaluates and coordinates financial assistance,

5)      Determines training program in line with needs of public institutions intending to use financial assistance, besides, it makes action plan for training activities and gives training or ensures to be organized.

Besides, within the framework of its duties, Financial Cooperation Directorate,

a)      Prepares all necessary forms of documents related to negotiation process,

b)      Conducts secretariat services of board, committee and working groups which will be established and monitors implementation of decisions taken,

c)       Contributes to the determination of technical, institutional capacity and financial needs required for alignment and implementation of legislation in cooperation with beneficiary institutions, contributes to programming, making projects of actions for meeting these needs and contributes to evaluating and monitoring of these actions,

d)      Contributes to the  preparation, monitoring, implementation and reporting of the National Programme in cooperation with the beneficiary institutions,


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